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Sport Psychology Program Schedule


Rebound to Excellence: Achieving Peak Performance During Difficult Times National Initiative: Sport Psych/Pro Athletes Unite during Covid Crisis.


Virtual Schedule

Webinar times are Pacific Standard time.



 June 4-6th, 2020

Thursday, June 4th

2-3PM  Jadel Gregorio/ Topic: How to prepare physically and emotionally for the upcoming post pandemic challenges.


3-4PM  Dr. Mike Gervais/ Topic: Finding Mastery: High Performance Psychology after COVID19.


4-5PM  Jerry Sherk and Ed White/ Topic: Overcoming Obstacles to Become Your Best Self.


5-6PM  Colby Huffman/ Topic: Mental training without available facilities and John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. 


Friday, June 5th 

10-11AM  Dr. Sylvain Guimond/ Topic: The Power of Resilience.


11-12PM  Don Peters/ Topic: Performance Under Pressure During Difficult Times: Athletes; First Responders; Alcoholics/Chemically dependents.


12-1PM  Mark Glicini/ Topic: Competing with Yesterday’s Me: The Inner Journey toward Excellence.


1-2PM  Dr Nick Molinaro/ Topic: The 3 Major Steps to Optimal Performance in Sport and Life: Mind Mechanics, Stress Management, Mindfulness/ Spirituality.


2-3PM Christopher Washington/ Topic: Recharge and Reach Out!


3-4PM  Michael Bouchahine, M.A./ Topic: Cognitive Distortions, Pre Game Preparation Post Covid19.


Saturday, June 6th 

10-11AM  Rosalyn Fairbank Nideffer/ Topic: Staying Motivated and Training During the Pandemic, Tips for Tennis Players.


11-12PM   Dr Robert Nideffer/ Topic: Using a variety of psychological techniques to help  maintain motivation and get a competitive edge.


 12-1PM   Dr Jim Bauman/ Topic: 2020 Covid19 Experience: Strategies for Dealing with Old, NOW and New Normal for Athletes.


1-2PM  Dr. Nick Molinaro/ Topic: Effective Decision Making While Under Pressure: Mental Skills Required for Optimal Performance Leadership in Business, Sport and Life.


2-3PM  Dr. Cristina Versari  and Dr. Lisa Bulgatz / Topic: Transition from Sports to a Second Career.


3-4PM  Dr Katarina Thomas/ Topic: Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for First Responders During COVID19.


4-5PM Lamond Murray/ Topic: Transition during a Pandemic.                                                                                                                   


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