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Certificate Programs

Admission is based largely on a process of personal interview(s) and evaluation of relevant academic and professional experience. Since the programs at SDUIS are humanistic and professional in orientation, the school seeks students who are committed to promoting compassion, personal responsibility and well being in themselves and others.

The University’s admission policy is not competitive. The criteria for admission into
any of the is based on the applicant’s academic preparation and his/her apparent orientation to humanistic and integrative education. No entrance exams are required.

A potential student must complete the admissions packet and submit the following:

1. Application for admission with a $75 fee.
2. Educational intent statement (2-5 page essay or update for returning students).
3. Two (2) letters of recommendation.
4. Official transcripts from any prior Universities or Colleges.
5. Transferability of Units form signed.
6. Transcripts from foreign, non-English speaking Universities must be accompanied by a certified official translation of the transcript. Upon review of the Transcripts, the University may also request them to be evaluated by a certificate evaluation service to determine equivalency of credits.
7. Declaration of finances for International students is required.
8. Foreign, non-English speaking students must submit minimum TOEFL scores of 500 (paper-based), 173 (computer-based) or 61 (Internet-based).

*International Students have additional admissions requirements that can be found here.

After all admissions materials have been received and evaluated, a Final Admissions Interview will be scheduled. The applicant is notified within two weeks of this interview on the status of his or her candidacy. During the Final Admissions Interview, the academic plan is reviewed with the applicant and the Student Enrollment Agreement form is completed. Students who are accepted receive a Student Handbook, ID card by request, Disabled Student Services information or financial assistance information, if appropriate.

Deadline for admission as a Full Status student is one (1) month prior to the beginning of the quarter. Applicants who have not completed the admissions process may provisionally enroll on a Conditional basis for one (1) quarter while completing and submitting the remainder of materials needed.

After the student receives the registration information forwarded by the Registrar, he/she registers for classes and is required to settle all appropriate fees prior to the deadline for the upcoming quarter.

Admissions documents submitted to SDUIS become the property of the University and cannot be returned, forwarded, copied or released to the student, other organizations or institutions, professional associates or family and friends.

Distance Learning

Students follow the same admission procedure except that the Final Admissions Interview is conducted through a conference telephone call. Online students’ writing skills are routinely evaluated by the distance learning instructors.

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