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Deadline for Application:

We have a year-round open registration that encourages potential students to begin their education without extended delays. You can submit your application for admission to SDUIS any time for the upcoming Quarter.

Classes start in January, April, July and September.

Upon receipt of your Application for Admissions, we begin a student file for you. As your admissions materials begin to arrive, your file is reviewed and you are notified of missing documents.  There is a one-time, non-refundable Application Fee that should be sent with the Application for Admission.

Registration Process for new students:

International students are required to complete all admissions requirements prior to enrolling for classes if they are entering the US on a student visa.

The admissions process is complete when the SDUIS admissions office has received the following documents:
1. Completed Application Form
2. Statement of Educational Intent
3. Two Letters of Recommendation
4. Transcripts from previous schools attended
5. Signed Transferability of Units Form
6. Signed Enrollment Agreement (to be signed after Final Admissions Interview)
7. Final Admissions Interview

International students should submit all the above along with the following documents:
1. Declaration of Finances Form (for international students only)
2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Score
3. Transcript from foreign, non-English speaking Universities must be accompanied by a certified official translation of the transcript and evaluated by a degree evaluation service to determine equivalency of credits.

Final Admissions Interview:

Upon receipt of all the above materials a Final Admissions Interview will be scheduled to review your materials and create your degree plan.
For Distance Learning students the interview is conducted on the telephone. After the Final Admissions interview, you will be notified of your status. If you are accepted into the program you will be asked to sign the Student Enrollment Agreement.

Payment Options:

Students have the following payment options: Quarterly-Payment-in-full or Pay-as-you-go.

Quarterly-Payment-in-full: Students pay in full for all the classes in which they have registered for the upcoming quarter at the time of registration.

Pay-as-you-go or Monthly-Partial-Payment: Students divide the quarter’s registration by three (the number of months in a quarter) and add the $5 deferred payment processing fee to each payment (form available in the Administrative Office or by email).