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Certificate in International Business Administration

This program is designed for international business managers, multi-cultural organizational leaders, international students, educators, entrepreneurs, and mature adult learners seeking to broaden their knowledge of contemporary international business administrative approaches in the global marketplace.

This non-degree course of professional instruction provides participants with a foundation in international business administration, organization, management, and communication according to multicultural applied perspectives. The Certificate in International Business Administration offers basic and specialty instruction, including skill building emphasis on world wide commerce and electronic business systems and principles, to provide the participant with the knowledge and resources central to successful business managerial approaches needed in the contemporary international workplace.

By approval of the program director.

Participants are required to successfully complete forty (40) quarter units of coursework in International Business Administration. In addition to the two (2) required seminar courses, participants select five (5) Business Administration courses to fulfill Certificate completion requirements.

Required International Business Administration Seminar (10 units)
Course Units

IBUS 400A International Trade and 5
IBUS 400B International Business 5

Required International Business Administration (25 units):

BUS 401 Introduction to Business Principles and Organizations
BUS 402 Fundamentals of Business Administration
BUS 406 Business Math for Administrators
BUS 412 Business Information Technologies
BUS 416 Business Administrative Law
BUS 420 Business Communications and the Global Economy
BUS 424 Organizational Statistics
BUS 432 Production and Service Management
BUS 434 Organizational Entrepreneurship
BUS 442 Foundations in Accounting
BUS 449 Foundations in Marketing
BUS 452 Foundations in Finance
BUS 458 Foundations in Economics
BUS 466 Legal and Ethical Issues in the Global Marketplace
BUS 475 Cross Cultural Strategic Management


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