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The Accounting Programs at SDUIS are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of accounting principles and financial reporting practices, to keep students abreast of innovations in the field, and to enhance proficiency in accounting-related functions such as financial analysis and data interpretation. The programs are intended to provide a broader understanding of accounting principles and business applications by offering exposure to the traditional areas of accounting.

Business Administration

The Business Administration Programs are designed to provide the student with marketable skills in business administration, organization, management, and communication guided by international and multicultural applied perspectives. The programs offer many instructions including skill-building, with an emphasis on launching, investing in, and developing innovative companies and businesses.

SDUIS offers the following programs in Business Administration:
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration with specialization in Hospitality Management
Master of Business Administration with specialization in Marketing
Master of Business Administration with specialization in Sport Management
Doctor of Business Administration
Certificate in International Business Administration
Certificate in Hospitality Management
Certificate in Marketing

Expressive Arts Therapy

The Expressive Arts Therapy Program at SDUIS is designed to provide participants with a holistic and culturally enriched perspective about facilitating health, emotional growth, and human potential. The personal integration of a host of experiences and techniques is intended to contribute to the development of greater personal health and increased therapeutic options. Courses in this program are listed with the National Expressive Therapy Association and Graduates are eligible to apply courses toward Certification through that organization, as well.

Information Technology Systems

Businesses, government, schools, and other organizations are continually seeking new applications for computers and networks in the workplace. As the role of technology increases, the need for professionals with a strong background in information technology is also increasing.

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)

The Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy program meets the requirements for MFT licensing in California and emphasizes the study of family systems as well as individual and relationship therapy. Although the program is anchored in the conventional approaches, elective courses can be taken which explore various techniques from art therapy to Jungian psychology. Intensive skill development as well as experiential and theoretical components are integral to this specialized masters program.

Sport Psychology

Graduates in Sport Psychology consult with individual athletes, teams, athletic organizations, committees, and national and international governing bodies. Graduates are also able to effectively teach, coach, and develop programs tailored for this unique population. Through intensive training and internships, graduates enhance their competence and professional skills to better serve others. Individuals who wish to pursue licensing as an MFCC or Psychologist will have the opportunity to add courses that are required for the State of California.

Certificate Programs:

San Diego University for Integrative Studies offers many non-degree certificate programs.

Graduate Level Certificate Programs 

Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy
Certificate in Sport Psychology
Certificate in Sport Management

Certificate Programs

Students enrolling in a Certificate Program will be admitted based upon the same admissions requirements as degree programs with the exception of the submission of official transcripts and TOEFL scores (for international students). International students must also take an English Placement Test and score 75 or higher to start classes.

Certificate in Accounting
Certificate in Advertising
Certificate in Communication
Certificate in Executive Leadership Coaching
Certificate in Family Leadership Coaching
Certificate in Fashion Design
Certificate in Graphic Design
Certificate in Hospitality Management
Certificate in Information Technology Systems
Certificate in International Business Administration
Certificate in Marketing
Certificate in Sport Coaching
Certificate in Web Design

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