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The University’s admission policy is not competitive. The criteria for admission into any of the degree programs are based on the applicant’s academic preparation and his/her apparent orientation to Integrative and Holistic Education.

Information for New Students

As a new student, you have the following three (3) options of enrolling:

FOR CREDIT: Enrolling for credit means you are committed to a degree (or certificate) plan at SDUIS and wish to receive credit for your classes.

EXTENSION: As an extension student, you are not (yet) committed to a degree plan at SDUIS, but wish to take particular classes. Or, you are enrolled at a different university and wish to take a class at SDUIS. If you decide to get a degree from SDUIS, credits earned as an extension student may be applied towards a degree at SDUIS.

AUDIT: Auditing a class is for students who do not wish to receive credit for their classes, nor are they certain of enrolling in a degree program in the future. Personal interest or extending one’s professional horizon are the main reasons to take classes as an audit. Audit classes are offered at a reduced price. There is an option to convert an audit class to a credit class if you a) attend all the class meetings, b) finish all the coursework, c) request a status change before the current class ends, d) pay the difference to a credit class.

Each one of the above options is an excellent choice. Please make your selection carefully and mark it clearly on the registration form, thank you! If you need assistance with your selection, please do not hesitate to contact us; we are more than happy to help you to find the ideal path to your future.