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Tuitions & Fees

Tuition is due and payable at the time of registration each quarter. Students are permitted to pay tuition and any fees using Master Card, Visa, Discover or American Express in addition to cash, check, money order, or cashiers check.

Tuition is subject to change Students will be notified of any tuition increase(s) in the SDUIS Quarterly Schedule of Classes. The same tuition charges apply to the certificate and extension students.

If you have any financial assistance questions, please feel free to contact me at sduis22@sduis.edu or (800) 234-7041 ext.11.

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Refund Policy

1. SDUIS has a refund policy that enables a student to withdraw from a course, or courses, of instruction at any time and receive a refund. Information concerning this policy can be found in the SDUIS Student Handbook and the SDUIS Catalog. It is also printed on the SDUIS Student Enrollment Form.

2. Notification by a student of the intent to drop a course must be in writing and an Add/Drop form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar. Forms are available in the Administrative office and SDUIS website.

3. The University allows a student to drop a class before the fifth (5) hours of a class with a full refund. For students who drop a class after the fifth (5) hour of instruction, refunds are pro-rated for the unused portion of the tuition costs.

4. Refunds are paid by the Business Office within thirty (30) days from the date the Add/Drop form is received in the Administration office. Refunds are calculated up to the last date the student attended a class(es).