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Waitley Institute – The Psychology of Success

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This 6 week course, the Psychology of Success, will be taught online through a combination of SDUIS instructors, weekly interaction with Deborah Waitley for informative Q and A sessions and special guest appearances, made by Denis Waitley himself, periodically throughout the class!

By measuring natural talents, comparative skills, and behavioral patterns, this course focuses on positive self-awareness and self-evaluation to enable you to understand self-imposed barriers and prejudices, thereby facilitating the realization of your full potential. Bench-marking also involves learning from the best practices of organizations and individuals with proven track records.


By the end of this course, you will understand:

  • How to view your mind as your internal “software” program—containing attitudes, beliefs, and habits that can be overwritten to produce desired results.
  • How to treat your brain and central nervous system as your physiological “mission control center” consisting of pre-programmed genetic data, as well as data based on past and present life experiences that prevent you from or propel you toward completing your aspirations.
  • Provide real-life useful daily examples and action steps on how to lead yourself and others to more effective interpersonal and intrapersonal communications, increased focus on primary priorities, a healthier, more optimistic view of the future, and how to handle setbacks, challenges, and difficult situations with resiliency and emotional intelligence.

Dr. Denis Waitley Biography

Denis Waitley is an author, consultant and speaker named to the International Speakers Hall of Fame. He has addressed and worked with top executives, astronauts and Olympic athletes while serving as chairman of psychology for the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Council. Dr. Waitley has now located his Waitley Institute at San Diego University of Integrated Studies. His books include The Psychology of Winning, Being the Best, Seeds of Greatness, The Joy of Working, Empires of the Mind and The Winner’s Edge, and many more.

Dr. Denis Waitley has inspired, informed, challenged and entertained audiences for over 25 years from the boardrooms of multi-national corporations to the locker rooms of world-class athletes and in the meeting rooms of thousands of conventioneers throughout the world. Recently, he was voted business speaker of the year by the Sales and Marketing Executives’ Association and by Toastmasters’ International and inducted into the International Speakers’ Hall of Fame.

With over 10 million audio programs sold in 14 languages, Denis Waitley is one of the most listened-to voices on personal and career success. He is the author of 16 non-fiction books, including several international best sellers, “Seeds of Greatness,” “Being the Best,” “The Winner’s Edge,” “The Joy of Working,” and “Empires of the Mind.”

His audio album, “The Psychology of Winning” is the all-time best selling program on self-mastery.

In addition, he counseled returning POWs from Viet Nam and conducted simulation and stress management seminars for Apollo astronauts. A graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, and former Navy pilot, he holds a doctorate degree in human behavior.

Dr. Deborah Waitley Biography

Dr. Deborah Waitley, President of Waitley Global and daughter of Dr. Denis Waitley, is a nationally-recognized corporate trainer, consultant, coach and keynote speaker. Her timeless approach to creating successful personal development strategies combines fresh insights and breakthrough research with time-tested principles in human potential for anyone seeking greater fulfillment in their personal or professional lives.

She is a highly regarded expert in leadership effectiveness and performance improvement, with specific emphasis in the areas of emotional intelligence, employee engagement, internal communications and career enhancement. Deborah holds a PhD in psychology with an emphasis in organizational behavior.

In addition, Dr. Deborah Waitley serves as the Director of Performance Coaching and Training at the Waitley Institute. 

The Waitley Institute

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