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Master of Arts in Psychobiomechanics and Posture Therapy

This program is designed to give the student a sound base in Psychobiomechanics and Posture Therapy. The Psychobiomechanics and Posture Therapy Master’s Degree is designed to provide participants with a holistic and culturally enriched perspective about facilitating health, emotional growth, and human potential. Students will learn research-based applied techniques in areas of biomechanics, posture therapy, sport and exercise psychology and physiology, motor control and learning, and the link between posture and personality, among other areas of expertise. The personal integration of a host of experiences and techniques is intended to contribute to the development of greater personal health and increased therapeutic options.

A Bachelor of Arts is required, in addition to specific prerequisite courses which must be completed in the first year of study.

The Master of Arts degree program in Psychobiomechanics and Postural Therapy requires the participant to successfully complete 90 quarter units in order to become an effective and certified Psychobiomechanical and Postural Therapist. Students are required to write a Master’s Thesis/Project (5 units). Successful passage of the M.A. Comprehensive Exam is also required.


“Notice to Prospective Students

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