About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of San Diego University for Integrative Studies is to provide an educational environment for mature adult learners that is built upon the foundations laid by the great humanistic traditions in Western civilization. Those traditions stem from the study and practice of art, philosophy, psychology, and business. The University provides academic and practical training to adults who seek personal and professional growth from an interdisciplinary approach to education. SDUIS programs acknowledge and include training in cultural diversity, Eastern philosophy, language, literature, science, and the arts. The University’s mission is fulfilled by offering degree and non-degree programs in psychology and business.

The institutional purposes of the University’s educational programs include:

• Preparing students for academic and professional success through direct classroom or distance instruction, supervised practicum experience, and tutorial study with distinguished faculty who have demonstrated expertise in their respective fields;
• Measuring student achievement through examinations and evaluations of explicit demonstrations of academic competence with attention to professional ethical standards;
• Encouraging recognition of the rich diversity of peoples, cultures, and ideas that add to a chosen field of study through integrative educational programs and instructional methodologies;
• Providing the community access to continuing education programs, special lectures, and multi-cultural events.

Who We Are

A cohesive group of educators who believe in the concepts of humanistic philosophy and who acknowledge the individual’s capacity for choice, responsibility, and spiritual insight.

Our awareness of the relationship between mind, body, and spirit forms the basis for a socially, culturally, and environmentally relevant educational process and experience which we call “Integrative Studies”.

Our faculty is committed to providing a socially relevant and highly practical experience for students so that they may begin their career well prepared with the most current theoretical and practical knowledge available.

Our students bring a commitment to their growth and personal expansion so that they may make a difference in their professions and a genuine contribution to the world.

The University’s mission is fulfilled by offering the following degree and non-degree certificate programs:

- Certificate in Accounting
- Certificate in Advertising
- Certificate in Communication
- Certificate in Executive Leadership Coaching
- Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy
- Certificate in Family Leadership Coaching
- Certificate in Fashion Design
- Certificate in Graphic Design
- Certificate in Web Design
- Certificate in Hospitality Management
- Certificate in Information Technology
- Certificate in Integrative Nursing Care
- Certificate in International Business Management
- Certificate in Marketing
- Certificate in Psychobiomechanics and Postural Therapy
- Certificate in Sport Psychology
- Certificate in Tibetan Buddhist Psychology
- Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies
- Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
- Master of Accounting
- Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy
- Master of Arts in Information Technology
- Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
- Master of Arts in Psychobiomechanics and Postural Therapy
- Master of Arts in Sport Counseling
- Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology
- Master of Business Administration
- Master of Business Administration Specialization: Hospitality Management
- Master of Business Administration Specialization: Marketing
- Doctor of Business Administration
- Doctor of Philosophy in Psychobiomechanics and Postural Therapy
- Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with Specialization: Expressive Arts Therapy
- Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with Specialization: Sport Psychology
- Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Psychology with Specialization: Tibetan Buddhist Psychology
- Doctor of Psychology