University President’s Page

Dear Student or Prospective Student,

We’re so glad you decided to look into the San Diego University for Integrative Studies! We are a small, private University with a humanistic and integrative philosophy. Our programs are applied and “hands on” in nature, and we do all we can to equip our students with knowledge, tools, and skills you can use successfully in real life after graduation. Because we are acutely aware of the relationship among body, mind, and spirit, we know that relationship forms the basis for a socially, culturally, and environmentally relevant educational process and experience that we call “Integrative Studies.” Our faculty are committed to providing a socially relevant and highly practical experience for our students, so that you may begin or continue your career well prepared with the most current theoretical and practical knowledge available.

We believe that our students have the capacity to make a difference in our collective future as agents of change in your professions and your communities. Join our current students by embarking on one of life’s great transitions, your dream career as a business or helping professional. We invite you to learn more about our programs by contacting our office at 619-297-1999 and enrolling in one of our upcoming classes. See you there!

Raymond J. Trybus PhD


SDUIS President Dr Raymond J. Trybus PhD is a clinical psychologist who has had a long career as an administrator and executive in higher education. At various times he has served as Chancellor of the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, Executive Vice President of the Alliant University Foundation, Provost and Academic Vice President at National University, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Gallaudet University, Dean of the School of Psychology at Fielding Graduate University, and Program Director for Clinical Psychology Programs, and Senior Director of Psychology Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for Walden University. In the early and mid-2000’s he was the project Administrator for Project ESSEA (from Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and Eritrea to America), an outreach mental health program for refugees and immigrants to San Diego from those four East African countries; and Executive Director of Deaf Community Services of San Diego, Inc., a community nonprofit service organization.

He is regarded as an internationally known expert on psychological issues of persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Dr. Trybus has received over $5 million in grants for his research projects, from state, federal, and private agencies, and has presented more than 50 papers at scientific and professional conferences, in addition to authoring dozens of articles, book chapters, and research reports. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in the District of Columbia and California, and has had extensive clinical practice, consulting, and research experience over more than 45 years.