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At the USA English Language Center (USAELC) Our Mission is to provide high quality, affordable English as a second language educational services to students from many different countries in a home like, friendly environment by experienced instructors who value a humanistic and integrative philosophy.  Our awareness of the relationship between mind, body and spirit forms the basis for a socially, culturally and environmentally relevant educational process and experience which we call “integrative studies”.

With Our Comprehensive

English Language Programs

the students receive:

18 Classrooms

2 Computer Labs

2 Students Lounges



Meditation Room

Test Center

We invite you to explore USA English Language Center and contact us with any questions you may have. We welcome walk-ins during business hours and are available to assist you at any time! Whether you are a prospective student, a community partner or one of our Alumni students, USA English Language Center is your resource for a lifetime! You are always welcome at USA English Language Center.


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Monday - Friday: 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.

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Why Choose the USA
English Language Center?

USA English Learning

The USA English Language Center is Located on the campus of San Diego University for integrative Studies.SDUIS is private University centerally located in San Diego,Caloifornia.Our USA English Language Center has been developed for personally and profesional growth.We Offer a unique hands-on approach and international students who wish to improve their English language skills.Our Campus offers students a warm and comfortable environment;as the students say"its our home away from home".Within the USA English Language center we pride ourselves on having native-English speaking instructors who have years of experience in their field of education.Our excellent faculty along with customized classes results in personal intention for all students giving you the skills you need for success.
NOTICE OF STATUS OF ACCREDITATION At it’s most recent commission meeting, ACCET, the agency that accredits USAELC, voted to deny USAELC’s renewal of accreditation application. USAELC has the right to appeal that decision and is exercising that right. USAELC will be submitting substantial information related to its application for reaccreditation in the coming months and will be appearing before an appeal panel. While USAELC is in the appeal process, everything at the school remains the same. We do not want this news to impact your pursuit of your English language goals. We will keep you informed during the process and, if the appeal is not granted, will assist you in a smooth transition. We appreciate your understanding and support. Our students are the reason we continue to fight to maintain our accreditation status. If you have any questions about USAELC’s accreditation status please contact This decision does not impact the SDUIS degree and non degree program students. SDUIS meets the BPPE's minimum standards as set forth in California for Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 Title 5, Division 7.5 of the California Code of Regulation Private Postsecondary Education. In addition SDUIS approved to accept international students from the U.S. Department of State.



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San Diego,California 92110 USA
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