Pro Players University “Where Players get their degrees”

The San Diego University for Integrative Studies is also known as the “Pro Players University “

At SDUIS athletes receive free career and life planning consulting with Dr. Cristina Versari, the consultant of NBA Players, and SDUIS student advisors. Dr. Versari has over 20 years experience helping NBA Players plan their second careers. Several of SDUIS students are former professional players working towards their degrees and preparing for a new career.

San Diego University for Integrative Studies offers online and residential programs
for professional athletes.

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The University provides a professional and supportive environment for mature individuals who are seeking a positive change in their lives. Historically, students have been embarking on one of life’s great transitions: accomplished professionals finding new directions and dimensions; recently retired professional athletes and military personnel looking for a new purpose or expression; licensed practitioners seeking a higher degree of competence and state of the art approaches; and, finally, those improving the quality of their personal, as well as professional lives. These are all conscientious, responsible, and aware people in search of new significance and meaning. They are one very important aspect of what makes the learning experience at San Diego University for Integrative Studies so enriching. We believe that our students are themselves great teachers because of their many years of professional experience. We also believe that they have the capacity to make a difference in our collective future as agents of change in their professions and communities.

New Classes Begin Every 6 Weeks
Access to timely and comprehensive programs through cutting edge technology and small classroom learning.
Complete your degree online with many programs at $400 a month

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The Pro Players University offers the following degree and non degree certificate programs


Certificate in Accounting
Certificate in Advertising
Certificate in Communication
Certificate in Executive Leadership Coaching
Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy
Certificate in Family Leadership Coaching
Certificate in Fashion Design
Certificate in Graphic Design
Certificate in Web Design
Certificate in Hospitality Management
Certificate in Information Technology
Certificate in Integrative Nursing Care
Certificate in International Business Administration
Certificate in Marketing
Certificate in Psychobiomechanics and Postural Therapy
Certificate in Sport Psychology
Certificate in Tibetan Buddhist Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Master of Accounting
Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy
Master of Arts in Information Technology
Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
Master of Arts in Psychobiomechanics and Postural Therapy
Master of Arts in Sport Counseling
Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration Specialization: Hospitality Management
Master of Business Administration Specialization: Marketing
Doctor of Business Administration
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychobiomechanics and Postural Therapy
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with Specialization: Expressive Arts Therapy
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with Specialization: Sport Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Psychology with Specialization: Tibetan Buddhist Psychology
Doctor of Psychology