Welcome to San Diego University for Integrative Studies

SDUIS is a small, private University with a humanistic and integrative philosophy. Our programs are applied in nature and we strive to equip our students with knowledge and tools they can use successfully in real life after graduation. Our awareness of the relationship between mind, body, and spirit forms the basis for a socially, culturally, and environmentally relevant educational process and experience which we call "Integrative Studies." Our faculty is committed to providing a socially relevant and highly practical experience for students so that they may begin their careers well prepared with the most current theoretical and practical knowledge available.

We believe that our students have the capacity to make a difference in our collective future as agents of change in their professions and communities. Join our students by embarking on one of life's great transitions, your dream career as a helping or business professional. We invite you to learn more about our programs by contacting our office at 619-297-1999 and enrolling in one of our upcoming classes.

We offer small class sizes, personal attention, and the University seeks to fulfill its mission by offering the following certificate and degree programs:

Cristina B. Versari, Ph.D.


SDUIS Highlights

SDUIS launched several new programs: Master of Accounting, Certificate and Master of Arts in Information Systems, and Certificate in Integrative Nursing Care. We have also launched a new “Green” MBA. Very few universities in the United States offer such a program. SDUIS implements programs to meet the immediate needs of students and in keeping with national awareness and current events. The Green MBA emphasizes the triple bottom line: financial viability, fair business practices, and sustainable environmental practices. Core courses will covers such topics as Global Environmental Issues in Business Transactions, Climate Change and the Law, and Air Pollution, Animal Rights, Land use, Energy Law, and Biodiversity Protection.

SDUIS Intensive English Language Program continues to grow and is known as one of the most innovative and affordable programs in the US. Students from thirty two different countries attend SDUIS Intensive English Language Program and continue their studies at SDUIS’ undergraduate or graduate degree programs.

Community Service: San Diego University for Integrative Studies English as a Second Language Instructors will educate and turn Brazilian children from impoverished backgrounds into skilled employable individuals. SDUIS ESL instructors will be traveling and living in Londrina, south of Brazil, to teach English as a Second Language to 60 abandoned children from a local orphanage. SDUIS educators are looking forward to leading this new and exciting program at the “Lar Analia Franco”. They believe that their time and expertise will help make a difference in their own lives and someone else’s. “ Lar Analia Franco is the home of 80 orphans ages 5-18. Portuguese is the language spoken in Brazil, the largest country in South America. For more information and to participate in this program contact Dr. Versari at