Student Testimonials USA English Language Center (USA ELC)

“What I liked about USA ELC the most was my teacher, all the staff and of course the price. I will now go back to Brazil and look for a better job. I am very happy with my experience at USA ELC”Vanessa Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I loved all the different international students here! I appreciate everything that USA ELC has done for my life!”Sung Kyung Ki, Korea

“Everything aboutUSA ELC, the teachers, the school structure, the staff, so great! Now that I have studied, I will get a job in my city. I can’t wait to come back and study more!Alex

“My favorite thing about USA ELC was my teacher, she was wonderful! I have to go back Korea, I really miss USA ELC!”Na Ra Seoul, Korea

“I loved everything, the teachers, employees….I give USA ELC a 9 out of 10! My plans are to continue working as an English Teacher in Spain. Thank you very much.”Mercedes Caceres, Spain

“I liked everything about USA ELC, so friendly, so good! I will go to Canada, work there, I’ll be able to use my English. I would stay if I could, thank you!”Manami Kanagawa, Japan

My favorites at USA ELC: the teachers, classmates, tea!!! I would not change anything. Now that I have studied here, I will study for my English degree, thanks SDUIS!”Juan Aceuchal, Spain

“ I liked that USA ELC helped me with everything, I am going to study in the MBA at SDUIS now, Thank you”Kledson Belen do Para, Brazil

“ I love USA ELC, this is my second time coming and I will come back again because I always learn so much! I am going back to be with my family and resume my job.”Fernando Mexico City, Mexico

“I liked USA ELC a lot, it was wonderful! I’ll start my MBA at SDUIS and enjoy my life.”Ibrahim Istanbul, Turkey

My favorite thing about USA ELC was……Vincent! They always made me feel wonderful learning English. I am moving into the MBA now, thank you USA ELC!Fadya Baghdad, Iraq

“USA ELC is good school, has good teachers and a good students. I am working on my Master’s Degree in Brazil, I will now be able to apply my English there.”Fabio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I liked the people who work at USA ELC, on a scale of 1-10, I give a 10, if I could give more I would. I really enjoyed everything and when I get back to Turkey, I will complete my degree in Engineering. Thanks to USA ELC for everything!Emre Istanbul, Turkey

“What we liked about USA ELC was the organization, but our favorite thing was the teacher, she was so nice. The class was very high quality and wonderful. Thanks to SDUIS we will now be able to get a job. Thank you!!”Bruno & Ana Fortuleza,Brazil

“I liked everything, especially the teachers and advisors! Thanks USA ELC”Hyunji Seoul, Korea

“What I liked about USA ELC was it gave me an opportunity to improve my job back in Turkey, I can’t stay anymore L, I am thankful for this school.”Gokcegul Instanbul, Turkey

“I liked USA ELC, everything, the atmosphere, my lessons, the staff, and of course my classmates! I have to go my country now but I will return! “Amandine Paris, France

The one thing that I liked about USA ELC was that it was such a nice place!! I will go back to Brazil now and get a good job. Thank you.”Izabela Belem,Brazi

“What I like most about USA ELC was my teacher, my teacher was very good. I will go to the university in my country, thank you very much USA ELC! Thanks for everything, especially the teachers and advisors! Mohammed Daharan, Saudi Arabia

“I liked everything about USA ELC, the coffee, teachers and now I will go home and return to school soon, thank you.”Ghazi Saudi Arabia

“At USA ELC the teachers and students are very friendly. Now that I have studied I will look for a job using English here in the United States.”Shizuka Nagoya, Japan

“What I liked the best about USA ELC was my teacher. My teacher was very helpful. Now that I have studied English I would like to talk with people more. If I had more money I would stay longer. Thank you for everything!Pedro Anapolis, Brazil

“ The main thing I liked about USA ELC is that there a lot of good teachers and on a scale of 1-10, I would give SDUIS a 10! I have plans to studies in California. I obtained TOEFL score at SDUIS of 490. I want to thank SDUIS for everything. ”Minyoung Seoul, S. Korea

“The USA ELC program is great! My teacher is such a wonderful person, she is the best! I plan to get a job now that I have studied English”Natalia St. Petersburg, Russia

“I liked everything about USA ELC, the people, the teachers….I loved this school! On a scale of 1-10, I would give USA ELC a 10! Now that I have studied here I would like to get a good job in my country! Thank you!Fernanda Sao Paulo, Brazil

“ The first thing that I liked about USA ELC were the teachers, classes, and well everything! I will now return to my country and continue to study. Thank you to my family at USA ELC!”Andrea Brasilia, Brazil

“SDUIS was so easy to like, I had an amazing teacher and everyone else at the school was very friendly. 10101010101010…..USA ELC gets a 10! Now that I have studied English I will transfer to the certificate program at USA ELC. USA ELC continues to help me accomplish my goals! Thanks USA ELC!”Kareen Sao Paulo, Brazil