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On line distance education is the largest growing segment of higher education today. With the increasingly tight demands on people's schedules, and the need for continuing education to advance in the workplace, the ability to take courses that fit into their lifestyle is attracting an unprecedented influx of students to colleges and universities across the country. Experts say the number of online distance education students will more than triple in the next three years. Are you ready to shape the future?

How Does online Education Work?

Using virtually any computer with a modem or network connection, students and instructors either dial up to a worldwide network or use the Internet to log on to their course. Instructors interact with their class both individual and in groups. Since the program is easy to learn, students and instructors are able to concentrate on their work rather than worrying about the technology. And they do this whenever and wherever it works best for them. You can work at home or office at your convenience!
What is an online Class Like?

Typically, students log on at the beginning of the week and download current assignments, reading, lectures, and graded assignments from the previous week. They complete the work at their convenience and when they have time, then turn in their homework, ask questions, and participate in group discussions. It's like a regular class, you just sit farther apart! None of the classes are real time (except for online "office hours"), leaving you with the freedom to complete assignments, papers, etc. at your own pace.

How Does Teaching online Differ from Traditional Methods?

In an online distance education class, the instructor's role is that of facilitator, rather than lecturer. Through discussions, feedback, and collaboration, the instructor guides the students, emphasizing critical thinking, profound reflection, and creative innovation in the learning process.

SDUIS online Programs


Certificate in Tibetan Buddhist Psychology
Certificate in Sport Psychology
Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy

Master Degrees (MA)

Masters of Arts in Family Therapy
Masters of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology
Master of Arts in Sport Counseling

Doctoral Degrees (Ph.D.)

Doctor of Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Psychology with specialization in Tibetan Buddhist Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with specialization in Sport Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy
Most programs can be completed exclusively online. However, certain programs, such as Sport Psychology for example, require students to attend an intensive, one or two week-long experiential, hands-on class at our campus in San Diego. Please ask us for more information!

Bachelor's Degrees (BA)

Bachelor's Degree in Humanistic Studies
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Look How Easy and Convenient It Is!

Before classes start, we will provide you with all the necessary information. Then simply use any computer with Internet access and: Open your email account, check for messages from SDUIS and open them. You are ready to begin your classes!


We are here for you if you have any technical questions about our online Learning program. Be it prior or during your classes we are just an E-mail or phone call away to assist and help you!

"Taking an online Class with SDUIS was a great experience. I met the nicest people online!"
"The instructors at SDUIS are experts in their fields, very approachable and concerned about my success."
"With online education I'm never late for class and I don't have to worry about traffic and a parking space either!"