Academic Programs – Business Administration


The Master of Business Administration program offers advanced and specialized instruction, including skill-building, with an emphasis on launching, investing in, and developing innovative companies and businesses. Program graduates will have acquired the knowledge, skills, and resources central to successfully launching, investing in, and developing businesses. The international business track adds a multicultural and global context, with special emphasis on issues relating to doing business in and with China.

The MBA program at San Diego University for Integrative Studies is designed for mid-career business managers, multicultural organizational leaders, educators, investors, entrepreneurs, and other mature adult learners who are seeking to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skill in launching new businesses, investing in them, and developing them. The program offers three tracks. The first is a general track focusing on business in a US context, the second focuses on the global and multicultural context of US and international business, and includes a special emphasis on doing business with China, and our third, green track focusing on ecological sustainability and social responsibility.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited or approved institution

The MBA program requires the participant to successfully complete a total of 75 quarter units of graduate-level coursework in business administration. The sequence of available courses for each of the three tracks includes both required courses (12 courses) and electives (3 courses). In addition, students must pass a comprehensive examination or comprehensive business project.

Prerequisite Course: 
AES 502 Academic English Skills (If required)

Required Courses: 
CPS 501 Writing Skills & Research
BUS 601 Financial Accounting from a Managerial Perspective
OR BUS 631 Finance & Environmental Accounting                                                                                                                                               BUS 602 Quantitative Methods in Business Across the Pacific: China & the US.
BUS 628 Information Technology Strategies for International Businesses
BUS 610 Leading; Managing People and Organizations
BUS 611 Entrepreneurship:Developing New Ventures
BUS 612 Managing Franchise Businesses
BUS 613 Venture Capital & Private Equity
BUS 614 Marketing Strategies & Tactics
BUS 615 Real Estate Investing
BUS 616 Business Law
BUS 617 Financial planning & Investing
BUS 618 Information Technology Strategies for Entrepreneurial Businesses
BUS 625 Bargaining & Negotiating Skills: Asia, the US, Internationally
BUS 650 Advanced Marketing Strategies: Successes & Failures
BUS 656 Special Topics in Business Management
BUS 657 International Economics

Required Courses: International Business Track
BUS 620 Managing People & Organizations: Eastern & Western Perspectives
BUS621 Entrepreneurship in the US & in China: Developing New Ventures
BUS 622 Global Business Perspectives:Focus on China.
BUS 623 Venture Capital & Private Equity
BUS 624 Marketing Strategies & Tactics in a Global Environment
BUS 625 Negotiating & Bargaining Skills: Asia, the US,Internationally
BUS 626 Business Law Around the World
BUS 627 Leadership Issues & Style

Required Courses: Green Track
BUS 630 Introduction to Sustainable Business
BUS 632 Eco-commerce Models
BUS 633 Foundations in Ecological Economics
BUS 634 Sustainable Products and Services
BUS 635 Application of Sustainable Business Practices
BUS 636 Air Pollution, Animal Rights,Land Use, Energy Law and Biodiversity Protection
BUS 637 Environmental Economics Policy & Management
BUS 638 Global Environmental Issues in Business Transactions
BUS 639 Climate Change and the Law