Doctorate Programs

Doctorate of Tranpersonal Psychology, Specialization in Tibetan Buddhist Psychology

This program was designed to give the student a sound base in traditional Western Psychology and Integrative Transpersonal Psychology. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Transpersonal Psychology by exposure to Tibetan Buddhist concepts from a psychological perspective. This program is offered to provide health care providers and interested persons a basic understanding of Tibetan Buddhist concepts and how they can contribute to the service for others.

Doctorate of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration program at San Diego University for Integrative Studies designed for management consultants, mid-career business managers, multicultural organizational leaders, educators, investors, entrepreneurs, and other mature adult learners. The DBA degree program will build on the skills acquired through master’s-level studies to equip professionals with expertise in leadership principles and management ideas and practices, as well as develop a higher level of competence in conducting research.

Doctorate of Psychobiomechanics & Postural Therapy

This program allows an opportunity for students to pursue a doctorate in an individualized program, drawing from the University’s curriculum in Psychobiomechanics and Posture Therapy. The Psychobiomechanics and Posture Therapy Doctoral Degree is designed to provide participants with the skills necessary to become a successful and certified holistic therapist. Students will integrate biomechanics, posture analysis, therapy and psychology to create a holistic form of treatment.

Doctorate of Psychology, Specialization:Expressive Arts Therapy

This program allows an opportunity for students to pursue a doctorate in an individualized program, drawing from the University’s curriculum in Expressive Arts Therapy. The Expressive Arts Doctoral Degree is designed to provide participants with a holistic and culturally enriched perspective about facilitating health, emotional growth, and human potential. The personal integration of a host of experiences and techniques is intended to contribute to the development of greater personal health and increased therapeutic options. In practice, Expressive Arts are used in adult, as well as child therapy and are especially valuable with non-verbal populations or those clients for whom talking therapy has proven difficult.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology, Specialization:Sport Psychology

This program is designed to prepare practitioners to work with athletes in their professional and personal lives. Students are trained in a variety of Sport Psychology approaches and techniques that prepare them to consult with athletes and athletic organizations.

Doctorate of Psychology, Specialization:Tibetan Buddhist Psychology

Doctorate of Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D)

The Doctor of Psychology program (Psy.D.) degree satisfies the academic requirements for licensing as a psychologist in California. The course study is designed for Masters level therapists, rehabilitation counselors, social workers, and psychiatric nurses who believe that an advanced degree will broaden their understanding and enhance their effectiveness as a professional. The curriculum expands expertise in areas that include testing, assessment, diagnostic proficiency, psychotherapy, and clinical skills.