Academic Programs – Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies Degree promotes inquiry into the meaning of human growth and development. This unique program allows the student to investigate practical life concerns and studies that are relevant to contemporary existence. Spanning social, spiritual, environmental, philosophical and humanistic studies, the student is provided with a well-rounded education in the classical sense.
The Bachelor of Arts program emphasizes a holistic philosophical perspective in the provision of general education instructional services. It is designed for mature learners who did not have an opportunity to complete their undergraduate college studies but who have the experience and relevant academic achievement. The rationale of design of the university’s general education program centers on integrating the foundations of general education with contemporary pedagogical presentations of logically sequenced curriculum in the Humanistic and Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Science, Physical Natural Science, Mathematics, Expository Writing, and Oral Communication. Traditional academic subjects are addressed across disciplinary lines and from cross cultural perspectives.

A high school diploma or its equivalent (GED) is required. The SAT’s are not required for admission.

The Bachelor of Arts requires the completion of 180 quarter units. A minimum of 45 quarter units must be completed at San Diego University for Integrative Studies. All BA students are required to take Critical Thinking, Quantitative Perspectives, the Writing Skills course and the Senior Project Seminar.