What an adventure!!!
Earn 3 to 6 units toward CJA major requirements
(toward “practicum” or elective units)
as you explore worlds of crime, culture, and adventure
& create the memories of a lifetime…


Summer Dates to be announced 

This summer, you can “DO LIFE”
like you’ve never done it before!

Get a unique and unforgettable glimpse into the world of crime & criminal offenders
in 12 days, across 2500 miles covering six different states!


If you liked the California Prison Tour,
you’ll love the MegaTour!
There’s nothing like this in the world!

See one of the “hottest”& largest new maximum security prisons in California.
• Challenge the white-water rapids of the Colorado River, as it cuts its way through the magnificent Royal Gorge.
Compare maximum security in 6 different states.
See the Federal government’s brand new mega-prison complex, including the ADX super-max, in Florence, Colorado.
See death row in Colorado’s state-of-the-art prison complex at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.
• Spend an evening shopping, relaxing, and dining in world-class Vail, Colorado, America’s summer & winter playground.
• Relax in a cantina in old town Santa Fe, listening to Mariachis, sipping your favorite beverage, & devouring sopapillas.
See Colorado’s old territorial prison, whose operations span 3 centuries.
See the Utah State Prison, which houses maximum security adult, juvenile, and female inmates, and death row– over a few square miles.
See the penitentiary of New Mexico, whereDoing Time and Doing Time: Ten Years Laterwere filmed. Meet some of the correctional staff and, perhaps, some inmates who appeared in those movies.
• Tour the enchanting Acoma Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited Indian community in the US, and home of internationally renowned Acoma pottery.
Meet “America’s toughest sheriff”–Joe Arpaio, father of ‘green bologna,’ ‘pink underware,’ peanut putter sanwiches, desert tents, & internet surveillance for those jailed in Phoenix.
Visit the brand new Nevada State Prison for Women, home of Nevada’s death row for women.
See the “predecessor” of California’s super-max–Pelican Bay State Prison.
• Visit beautiful Salt Lake City;
see magnificent Temple Square

• 2 weeks of education, fun, & excitement!
• more than a dozen unique & fascinatingly different prisons!
• explore 6 of the most breathtakingly beautiful states in America!
• unlimited cultural perspectives & untold opportunities–for those interested in…
• criminal justice, law, political science, history, anthropology, economics, art, music!

Talk to inmates, wardens, & correctional staff all over the country.
Get the inside story on how America is trying to cope with crime and criminals in the 21st century!


SEE IT ALL–the some of the most famous joints in the U.S,
and some of the most unforgettable sights & experiences in the world,
including the following highlights…


Calipatria State Prison

Maricopa County Jail
Arizona State Prison Complex at Florence, Az
Arizona death row
Hyman Complex (high-ecurity model for California’s Pelican Bay)

New Mexico
Penitentiary of New Mexico
Delancey Street Foundation in Santa Fe
world famous Acoma Pueblo
old town Santa Fe

US Penitentiary, Florence
Administrative Maximum Security Complex
Colorado Territorial Prison
5-mile Complex
the incomparable Rocky Mountains
world-class sumer & winter resort at Vail
white-water rafting & the spectacular Royal Gorge

Utah State Prison Complex
site of multiple prison movies and site of Gary Gilmore’s execution
Salt Lake City
spectacular Temple Square

Nevada State Prison for Women, Las Vegas
2 nights gambling, relaxing in Nevada

ROOMS: Quality Suites, Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites (3 beds; triple occupancy).
Full complimentary breakfast buffet 
included every day, some dinner buffets.
TRAVEL: Travel by chartered 47-passenger deluxe-class motorcoach–videotape/stereo/PA system, air-conditioned, reclining seats, restroom. The tour is limited to 24 students, so there will be lots of “stretching room.”
DATES: Trip will depart 6am & return 9pm on Sunday or Monday.
Limited seats are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.
CREDIT: 3 to 6 units of upper-division credit.
Fulfills CJA practicum requirement for cja majors.
Requires attendance at 2 or 3 meetings, to be announced.
COST: Total approx, $1300, plus tuition @$170 per unit; mandatory minimum 3 units. Payment by money order, cashier’s/bank check, or credit card only. NO personal checks.
 deposit–payable to “SDUIS.” due at signing of contract.
$800 (plus tuition) balance–payable to “SDUIS.” due .
ELIGIBILITY: 1. Applicants will be prioritized principally on the basis of date of deposit.
Appicants should be least 21 with a valid driver’s license. Talk to Sutton for exceptions.
You may not have ANY felony convictions; nor any DUI arrests or convictions; nor ANY outstanding warrants or charges pending; nor be on probation for ANY offense.
ACT NOW! Make deposit to Dr. Sutton, PSFA149. 594-4449 (message).
There is no formal “deadline”; when the bus is full, then it’s too late to sign up.