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the Opportunity of a Lifetime!
carries “practicum” credit (like “internship”) for ALL CJ majors 
Explore a fascinating world you never imagined!
Create the memories of a lifetime!

Break into Prison!
Get a unique and unforgettable glimpse into the world of crime & criminal offenders! See the yard, the cell blocks, security squad areas (including inmate-made weapons and contraband), the “mainline,” education, prison industries, vocational programs, culinary. See prison through the eyes of inmates and prison staff. Talk with inmates about their crimes, their outlook, and their lives behind bars; query officers about working inside the walls; ask those in charge about the challenge of managing violent & overcrowded prisons.
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A “must” experience for majors & an incredible adventure for anyone interested in criminal justice!
Talk to anyone who has gone. It is the “experience of a lifetime.”

(potential) California PrisonTour dates*** (only first 3 to fill will go; see “DATES,” in “details” box below.)
trip #1 (California) TBA
trip #3 (California) TBA
trip #4 (California) TBA
trip #5 (California) TBA
trip #6 (California) TBA


  • Join the 2,000 CJ majors who have experienced the California PrisonTour
  • Acclaimed by CJ professionals, educators, and students as unique and absolutely invaluable!
  • The one and only class of its sort anywhere in the world!
What students have said about the PrisonTour:
“If everyone could see and feel what I saw and felt on the PrisonTour,
we could begin to find some answers to the incredibly complex questions of crime and punishment.”
“by far, the best experience I had at my five years at SDSU!”
“an absolutely incredible opportunity; it should be required of all CJ majors!”
“I learned more than I thought possible; I learned I was so wrong about so much!”
“My fear and hate have been replaced by compassion & understanding?I was so wrong!”
“not just a learning experience, but a growing experience. I am a different person now.”
“The people, the places, the emotions! They are all a part of me now; I will never forget…”

Don’t miss this unique & life-changing opportunity!
See it all–those institutions you have seen on TV and the movies; but this is the REAL thing!

San Quentin Prison
• “the old fortress on the bay” • oldest prison in California; one of the oldest in the world •
• home of California’s old death row, gas chamber, & site of new Condemned Inmate Complex •
• setting for “Blood In; Blood Out” • the biggest cell block in North America •
California Men’s Colony
• the “Cadillac of California prisons” • progressive educational & vocational programs •
• unforgettable 3-hour evening no-holds-barred rap session with “lifers” •
• promises to be a day you will absolutely never forget! •
• see inmate-fashioned weapons, bombs, drug and gang paraphernalia in the squad room •
• talk to gang experts about how gangs “call the shots” from behind the walls •
• walk one of California’s largest yards •
Central California Women’s Facility
• California’s newest female facility • the largest women’s prisons in the world •
• state-of-the-art educational and vocational training programs •
• home of California women’s death row •
Folsom Prison
• the historic “end of the road” for California’s toughest cons • setting for American Me •
• one of the oldest prisons in America • see Block 5, a living relic from the old west •
• look down from five tiers up, in one of the largest cell blocks in the world •
• see the original license plate factory, still in operation, cranking out 40,000 plates a day •
California State Prison–Sacramento
• walk the yard in this high-security marvel, one of the best of California’s new “modular” prisons •
• the proposed new home of California’s death row •
• rub elbows with some of California’s most notorious criminals •
Salinas Valley State Prison
• super high-tech punishment at one of California’s newest maximum security prison •
• a lethal electric fence surrounds the 2-mile perimeter of this immense fortress •
• see a yard where most offenders will never see the street again •
• walk a yard so violent that inmates rarely get to see it •
Delancey Street Foundation
• spectacular private foundation for the long-term residential treatment of substance abusers •
• dine at the sylish Delancey Street Crossroads Cafe on San Francisco Bay •
• tour Delancey Street’s beautiful, upscale residential complex & thriving business enterprises •
• talk with residents about their lives and the “secrets” of Delancey Street’s success •
Extra-curricular Activities
• unwind along San Francisco’s famous Embarcadero •
• stroll along world famous Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, Pier 39, and the cable cars •
• relax for snacks and an early evening in Sacramento’s “boardwalk” by the Sac River •
• relax with new friends in the hotels’ friendly lounges, as you recap and recount each day’s adventures •


…details for all California tours…
ROOMS & MEALS: Quality Suites-style Motels (3 beds; triple occupancy).
Full complimentary breakfast buffet 
included every day; plus lunch on Folsom grounds.
TRAVEL: Travel by chartered 50-passenger deluxe-class motorcoach–DVD/stereo/PA system, air-conditioned, reclining seats, restroom.
Each tour is limited to 24 participants, so there is lots of “stretching room.”
*** DATES: Approximately 3 trips will go during winter, spring, & summer breaks.
Limited seats are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.
ALL trips will depart SD on Mon. 5:30am & return Fri. 9 to 9:30pm.
IMPORTANT: only the first 3 trips to fill will go; so, those who sign up first will fix the dates.
CREDIT: 3 units of upper-division credit (CJx430: “Prisons in Theory & Practice”).
Fulfills practicum/internship requirement for cj majors.
Attendance is required at 1 or 2 mtgs (Wed) @5:30 am, 6 wks before trip.
COST: $950payable only by money order OR certified bank OR cashier’s check.
NO personal checks, cash, or credit cards.
 deposit–payable to “SDUIS.” due @ signing of contract. (tuition and fees)
$500 balance–payable to “SDUIS.” due @mtg, 6 weeks before departure. (bus, room, exp’s)
participants will be notified of meeting via email.
ELIGIBILITY: 1. Applicants will be prioritized on the basis of major (CJ goes 1st) & date of deposit.
You should be least 21 (no exceptions) with a valid driver’s license.
You may have NO felony convictions; NO DUI convictions within the last 3 years; NO outstanding warrants or charges pending after an arrest for any offense; NOT be on probation for any offense, including DUI.
4. All participants must pass security clearance by the California Dept. of Corrections & Rehab.
5. Anyone arrested for any offense must provide court documentation of final disposition & release of the case; i.e., you must prove that your case has reached final disposition in the court.
ACT NOW! Place deposit with Dr. Sutton, PSFA149, 594-4449,
Absolute deadline for signing up is 4 weeks prior to desired trip;
but seats are normally sold out long before that date.
Seats go quickly, so sign up now! 

You must make a deposit to reserve a seat!
link to see details about required PrisonTour paper