SDUIS Prison Tour Program

L. Paul Sutton
Break into the exciting world of Criminal Justice!!!

the Opportunity of a Lifetime!
carries “practicum” credit (like “internship”) for ALL CJ majors
Explore a fascinating world you never imagined!
Create the memories of a lifetime!

Break into Prison!
Get a unique and unforgettable glimpse into the world of crime & criminal offenders! See the yard, the cell blocks, security squad areas (including inmate-made weapons and contraband), the “mainline,” education, prison industries, vocational programs, culinary. See prison through the eyes of inmates and prison staff. Talk with inmates about their crimes, their outlook, and their lives behind bars; query officers about working inside the walls; ask those in charge about the challenge of managing violent & overcrowded prisons.
•   •   •
A “must” experience for majors & an incredible adventure for anyone interested in criminal justice!
Talk to anyone who has gone. It is the “experience of a lifetime.”